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CHRIS!!!1's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[16 Dec 2005|09:41pm]
I got a new bike from Carla and my Momzzzzz!

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back from the fest [20 Nov 2005|08:52pm]
I had a great time. The highlights were definitely ted leo last night and ghost mice, madeline, and erin tobey today. Also awsome were tiny hawks and tubers both of which I had never really heard before. And the latterman which were great and people went nuts over them. today we also had what was possibly the best brunch ever at the top. overall a fun fun time.
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dear, pinestraw [20 Oct 2005|05:08pm]
[ mood | does pained count as a mood ]

At 4:50 today you made yourself a lifelong enemy.

Chris Coombs

Yeah so on the rizzide home from spanish class, while turning onto whatever road from alden I decided that I deserved a little R&R, thats right road and rash. I hit a pile of pine straw at a good clip and whizz bang pow, I'm out a pair of work pants. Oh well thats how the kneecap crumbles. At least the car behind me got a good show. Im glad middle school mockery pretty much freed me of any innate sense of shame. Thanks Adam and Jason and all the other pituitary cases, you did a great job!

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[07 Oct 2005|08:06am]
1. Open a music player.
2. Go to 'all music'/'library'.
3. Hit shuffle.
4. Find photos of the first 10 artists/bands that come up [no repeats and no cheating].
5. Have people guess who the artists/bands are.
6. No fair clicking "view source"!

Sorry to whoever these belong to.
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GRE in less than an hour [03 Oct 2005|08:07am]
I feel like Im going to puke. In every practice test I scored 1200 plus bt I dont know what I need to get into grad school.
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I dont get excited for shows very often but: [29 Sep 2005|08:53am]
deerhoof is playing in gainesville on 11/14.
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whatever this means [27 Sep 2005|04:51pm]
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facts about me [16 Sep 2005|09:53am]
-Coffee is my blood
-I dont like food that isnt spicy
-I have no idea how to manage my life on a day to day basis
-I want to go camping/hiking so hard
-The batteries are dead on my pencil sharpener
-Wanderlust... big time
-Totally broke...totally
-I am fascinated by life, not like everyday is filled with wonder and excitement but like car wreck fascinated.
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like a week later than the cool kids [15 Sep 2005|02:06pm]
1. Reply with your name and I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this (the questions) on your journal. You MUST. It is written.
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how go [25 Aug 2005|05:11pm]
I can lock my bike up tuesday and come to pick it up on thursday and there's some kind of construction zone shit all around it.
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Internship [03 Aug 2005|03:57pm]
[ mood | honored and completely stoked ]

I just got off the phone with my internship coordinator and she recommended me for an internship with the city. The position is in community development, which I am really interested in. According to her it will be some pretty heavy duty research as well as grant-writing. She also said that this internship is usually reserved for her brightest students which is a big ego boost because I dont really feel very bright most of the time. Carla and I were watching Six Feet Under earlier and I found myself really annoyed by Russell because of his insecurities then at work I realized that the reason his character bothers me so much is that I can be so much like that myself. I mean we all can be but a lot of the time I have a lot of difficulty finding positive attributes in myself.

p.s. the internship carries a stipend

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run for the border [02 Aug 2005|04:43pm]
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at work [12 Jul 2005|03:30pm]
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hhhhhwhut!? [16 Jun 2005|12:28am]
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[16 Jun 2005|12:00am]
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!1111 [03 Jun 2005|09:05am]
this is a happy birthday message to the best birthday boys, Ben and ChrisBaker. I love you guys and I'm sorry that I wont be around today. Hope you guys have a good birthday!!!
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[26 May 2005|04:04pm]
Hello lovely friends. Carla and I sort of hit a wall in our travels in the lovely town of puerto jiminez. apparently some banks like to be notified if you are going to make a number of large withdrawals in a foreign country, go figure. so until carlàs card is unsuspended tomorrow we are kind of unsure about our plans. oh well today we rode a boat around the gulf with a bunch folks headed for the hospital and had a costa rican popsicle, which is just frozen koolaid in a bag, suprisingly good. I'm sure the captain would like it, as it is super sweet... just like him. Im excited for the party on wednesday I'll bring the rum. my tolerance is shot though, in a country where everyone drinks, especially the tourists carla and I have suprisingly stayed sober. Seriously cant wait to see everybody.
love you all,
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hello lovely friends [23 May 2005|06:20pm]
my feet are all waterlogged from hiking in monteverde. they dont call it a cloud forest for nothin. we have a long day tomorrow because we are going to the corcovado area, its 4.5 hours to san jose and 9 hours to puerto jimenez. I probably wont be able to post until saturday or sunday because most of the pennisula is without power or phone. I just wanted to say I love you all.
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hola [21 May 2005|03:00am]
Im writing again to say that as of about 5:30 last night I am engaged!!!!!!! I asked carla at a fancy hot springs place under the shadow of a volcano. Today we walked to a private garden place and saw some sweet ass agoutis and went on a wild sloth chase. tonight in Fortuna theres a big rodeo and bullfight so the streets are kind of crazy. I miss you guys keep posting stories of home.
love you all
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HELLO FRIENDS [19 May 2005|06:25pm]
thanks for the comments you guys. I miss you a lot, tourists aren't always very nice. PTO Viejo was dirty and noisy and the guy who ran the hotel was a burn out and reminded me of the guy from the gas station across the street. There were plenty of wierdos though. One rasta guy rode a scooter around and had a parrot on each handlebar. There were some awesome beaches though. Today we are in La Fortuna.
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